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The Detail Space can achieve outstanding gloss and protection using multi-stage polishing and paint correction techniques. Most vehicles can be coated within a day. Multiple protection offerings are available from one-year to five-year coatings.

Maintain them with our valet maintenance services where we meet you at your home or office, and if needed, detail your vehicle off-site and drop it off before your work day ends. Convenient for you, all in a day's work for us.

Customer reviews

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Great Quality!
The Detail Space did an awesome job detailing my car. They came to my work, and pristinely detailed it there. I was embarassed about how dirty the inside of my car was and he made it look like brand new again :)
I would strongly suggest The Detail Space for a cleaning.



Above and Beyond!
I'm very much impressed with The Detail Space's detailing work for my Toyota Camry. They did a phenomenal job, the level of professionalism and attention to detail made me feel that there couldn't be anyone better. I was worried about my car seats and the carpet as it was very dirty(credit goes to my son 🙂) and I never thought I would see my car like this, like a new car both interior and exterior after the detailing. It is not just detailing rather I would say it is an EXTREME DETAILING!! More importantly, I think I paid less for what I got. Needless to say, I couldn't be happier with the work done by The Detail Space and I appreciate them every bit of time & expertise and I'd never think about another place next time.



Can't Get Enough!
Looks AMAZING!! It was like driving in a new car, thank you so much!
We will be back for more.




Professional washing and cleaning of your car


Full Details

Most of our first-time clients get a full detail where we clean your car inside and out and pay attention to problem spots. The goal is to make you love your car again!


Ultimate Details

You love your car and you want to take the best care of it that you can. If this is you, the ultimate detail is for you. This is the wagyu beef of car detailing. We massage the paint and slay on the gloss and shine.


Maintenance Packages

Whether you booked an ultimate detail or full detail, we'll keep your car in tip-top shape so it can keep up with you.


Upholstery Cleaning After

Upholstery Cleaning - After

Upholstery Cleaning Before

Upholstery Cleaning - Before

Headlight Restoration - After

Headlight Restoration - After

Headlight Restoration - Before

Headlight Restoration - Before

FAQs: Car Wash

Bringing the car wash to you.

Some people are so busy they ask what the benefits are from a mobile detailing service compared to a touch-less or (gasp!) a brushed drive through car wash.

You don't have to if you don't want to, but you do get what you pay for. If you want us to wash your car, we promise to treat it well and use plenty of lubrication with ph-balanced automotive soaps and clean washing tools to reduce the risk of scratching your vehicle. Even touch-less car washes use harsh chemicals and don't get us started on automatic brushed car washes. We have seen paint jobs come out the other end with so many swirls.

Yes! This is an important step in lifting loose dust and dirt off of the paint and provides extra slickness while performing a contact wash that reduces scratching.

Maybe. We will look at it and see if an extra soiling charge is necessary.

For first-time clients, yes, we apply some sort of protection. But for maintenance clients, we inspect the protection and observe if the water is still beading properly. If it is, we leave it. If it is failing, we address the problem with wax, sealants, or coatings depending on what the vehicle has applied to it already.

We can, but we always follow local laws and regulations. Some cities ban cleaning engine bays outside of public car wash bays. We also take care to respect your sensitive electrical components.

We sure do! Ceramic coatings are a great way to maintain visibility and keep permanent water spots away. Coatings usually last longer where wipers are not used. But always be safe and use them when you need them.

How do we say this politely. They may be applying it incorrectly. When applied as directed, we found Rain-X to be very durable for the price, and offering excellent performance. Don't just take our word for it. The popular independent testing channel, Project Farm, on YouTube found this to be true also.

It depends, most manufacturers recommend replacing windshield wipers before issues like skipping and streaks occur. Typically this maintenance is recommended twice a year. Once in the spring, and once before winter.

We clean what we have access to. This means rolling the window down a little and getting that area under the weather stripping and cleaning the insides of windows on interior details.

Yes, we only use filtered, de-ionized water to clean most windows. Then we pull out automotive-safe glass cleaner if the spot is stubborn. We always use clean window cloths.

Some wheels cannot have wheel acid applied. We always approach a vehicle with the least harsh method first. Gentle scrubbing with ph neutral soap. If more is needed, then we work our way through stronger, finish safe products for the desired result.

You get to pick! We can offer any kind of tire appearance, be it shiny, satin, or matte.  We always try and ask in the vehicle walk-through.

We do not offer wheel restoration services. Other shops with dedicated tools and equipment offer this service locally. We encourage you to give them a call or search "wheel repair" in your local city.

We do! Wheels experience more heat a dirt than the rest of the car so wheel coatings do not typically carry the same lifespan as other parts of the vehicle.

We certainly try to! Some wheels do not allow this but for most wheels, yes, we get our arms extra dirty and get our brushes back there!

Yes, and it is so satisfying! We use a vacuum and soft bristle brush to sweep the from your vents and crevices into the vacuum.

Depending on the package we either wipe the jambs down, or we use a cleaner and brush or mitt to give a deeper clean in door jambs.

We do not do leather repair but we are happy to clean and condition your leather if your vehicle is equipped with it.

We don't like it either! From the factory, your plastics and leather were satin or matte in finish. Our goal is to restore to that finish. We hate glossy leather and plastic (that is not clear coated) as that means the wrong product, or excess product was used.

Yes! We offer add-on packages for a deeper clean where we spray liberal amounts of cleaner on the carpet, agitate it, flush it with warm water, and then extract the moisture for a clean and fresh carpet. This minimizes staining and you would be amazed what comes out of dark-colored carpets. They look clean but trust us, they are not!

Coating Corner

Give your car the ceramic treatment

Ceramic coatings make it more difficult for dirt to stick to your car, making maintenance washes easier and faster. We thoroughly clean your paint and remove as many fine swirls and scratches as we can to help your coating shine and look "wet" year-round.

We'll walk you through the options for your vehicle to give you best result within your budget. Ceramic coating packages are an add-on starting at $695.00.

The Detail Space


Ultimate Detail Pricing
Sedans starting at


Give your car the best care it can get.

Foaming prewash and hand wash

Two stage paint polish

Paint decontamination

Paint sealant

Wheel cleaning and protection

Tire shine

Interior vacuum and cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Steam clean door jambs

Rain-X ALL Windows

Lexol Leather Rejuvenation

Discounts on ceramic coatings with this package.

Full Detail Pricing
Sedans starting at


A complete cleaning of your vehicle inside and out.

Foaming Prewash

Hand wash 

Paint Decontamination

Single stage polish & protection

Wheel Cleaning

Tire Shine

Interior Vacuum

Spot Upholstery Cleaning

Clean Door Jambs

Rain-X Windshield

Lexol Leather Care

Maintenance Detail Pricing
Sedans starting


After a Full or Ultimate detail we offer maintenance "mini-detail" packages at a frequency that works for you.

Foaming prewash

Hand wash & dry

Wheel cleaning

Tire shine

Interior Vacuum

Interior & Door Jamb Wipe down

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